TAPCO launched its activity since 1998 with the aim of researching, designing, developing and producing in the field of electronics and IT industry. We try to make people activities easier, faster and more accurate when they are dealing with information by presenting innovative hardware, software, app and services.

The main fields of TAPCO activities are:

  • Devices and tools for testing and analyzing electrical power equipment for example breaker and transformer.
  • Different kinds of tag and reader related to RFID technology in LF and HF range such as animal identification tags and readers.
  • Applications software and total solution systems based on RFID technology such as livestock information management system and on street parking space management system.

Products/ Services overview:

1. Tools for testing and analyzing electrical power equipment:

  • BT12, BT121: Circuit Breakers Analyzer: The complete toolbox for high, medium and low voltage circuit
  • breakers.
  • MOM200P: Micro Ohm Meter
  • TTR10: Transformer Turns Ratio Tester
  • PS10: Digital AC/DC Variable Power Supply
  • IRT10: Insulation Resistance Tester


2. RFID based total solution systems:

  • SIMAD: livestock information management Including RFID ear tags for animals certified by
  • ICAR(The International Committee for Animal Recording).
  • E-Card Park: On street parking space management system
  • Diverse handhelds powered by RFID technology: HD20, H11, PV10, SR10, GR10, RWM10

We believe, by continuously increasing the technical knowledge and continuously improving our products and services, we guarantee our sustainability in the market and increasing loyal customers.


All TAPCO products are high-tech and designed and produced base on up-to-date technologies such as:

  •   - Power electronics
  •   - Analog intensive design
  •   - ARM based powerful micro controller
  •   - Powerful software platform

 TAPCO presents:

  •   - Innovative products
  •   - Easy to use designing
  •   - Good quality vs price
  •   - Total solution including hardware, software, APPs and other services that cause the best using of our     products.
  •   - Excellent after sale services