Animal data management system Simad

SIMAD- Livestock Information Management System (Web-Based)

SIMAD is an integrated system, consisting of proprietary hardware, software, mobile applications and web services, for managing livestock information (including cattle, sheep, goats, camels, horses, ostriches, aquatic animals, pets, rabbits, etc.) Identification, registration of livestock identification, registration of livestock breeding and growth information, registration of lactation and weight, registration of veterinary information, medical services, etc.



Some applications:

  • Creating an electronic livestock identification card
  • Recording breastfeeding rate information
  • Tracing genetic information
  • Recording livestock disease information
  • Registration of different types of information in livestock farms, fish breeding centers, etc.




  • Web application to define the desired forms
  • Data collection terminal (model H11) to fill defined forms
  • Mobile application to fill defined forms
  • SR10 RFID reader for reading and transferring serial of animal ear tag to mobile application
  • Computer program to send the forms defined in the web application to the terminal and download the information of filled forms from the terminal and transfer them to the web application.
  • Visual and RFID animal ear tag




The desired forms for collecting information are defined in the web application. These forms are sent to the desired H11 terminal or mobile. Note that H11 can receive forms and settings from web via internal GSM module (simcard intenet) or computer program via USB cable. 

There, the information is entered, in fact the forms are filled out. The information of the filled forms will be sent to the web application and will be saved in database. Gathered data will be visible and reportable there.




  • Defining farm and held
    • Name
    • Description


  • Defining data collectors
    • Name
    • Type (H11 or mobile)
    • Description


  • Defining computer users
    • Name and family
    • Username
    • Password
    • User access level:
      • Admin: has access to all features.
      • Reporter: View reports and produce Excel output (in the report menu)
      • Recorder:
        • View reports and generate Excel output ("Report" menu)
        • Add a record in the web application manually ("Report" menu)
        • Set settings for sending to data collectors ("Send to device" menu)


  • Defining Operators of Handhelds
    • Name and family
    • Password
    • Valid date of shift (start)
    • Valid date of shift (end)
    • Valid time of shift (start)
    • Valid time of shift (start)


  • Defining lists
    • Name
    • Options


  • Defining form
    • Name
    • Description
    • Action when read ear tag was read before
    • Action when read ear tag is new (wasn’t read before)
    • User can enter serial of ear tag manually or not
    • And more …


  • Defining fields of form
    • Name
    • Maximum data length
    • Input from:
      • Keyboard
      • Date (automatically from handheld)
      • Time (automatically from handheld)
      • From a list
      • Serial of RFID tag (automatically by RFID reader)
      • Operator name (automatically from settings)
      • Operator family(automatically from settings)
      • Operator code (automatically from settings)
    • Default value
    • Limits (Valid and Error)


  • Sending to handheld or mobile
    • Desired Handheld or mobile
    • Valid operators for entering data
    • Desired forms to fill


  • Reports
    • Determining desired duration date
    • Selecting form
    • Displaying collected data in a grid
    • With search, filter, export to excel, …
    • Highlighting warnings and errors in values





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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are electronic devices, stamped with a unique number, that identify livestock animals. Depending on the model of RFID Livestock tag, the ID number can be read by an electronic reading device.