Guarding and Patrolling System Soroush

What is patrolling?

It is a process in which the guard visits the covered environment during a specific program to prevent problems.



Why patrolling system?

In the old and traditional methods, there are always problems such as:

Uncertainty about patrols, the fact that the guarding check list is on paper, so it is difficult to review and analysis etc.

Today, with the help of new tools, by creating regular periods of mechanized visits and inspections and by ensuring the presence of guards in desired checkpoints, unfortunate incidents can be prevented.



Soroush patrolling system:

Soroush, by using special features in hardware and software, gives you the assurance that the guard is present regularly and on time at the desired location, and the patrol and guarding process is done properly and according to schedule.




  • Use of up-to-date RFID-based automatic identification technology
  • Elimination of traditional and manual procedures and creation of a mechanized system in patrolling and guarding, recording and processing information and providing statistics
  • Increaseing patrol accuracy and reliability and reduce manpower error
  • System simplicity with user frindly device and software
  • Quick access to records and reports and simplification of the monitoring process
  • Finding guard problems as soon as possible
  • Low operating costs and no need to install cameras and costs to control the guards
  • Ability to provide accurate reports automatically to the desired people 
  • Solving the problem of creating different levels of inspection
  • Sharing information in the computer network for different managers in organizations by determining the level of access to the required information
  • Keeping a history of all inspections in an independent database




  • Periodic visits to buildings, industrial facilities and ...
  • Security inspections, postal, cleaning services, health services, and ...
  • Water and sewage companies, petrochemicals and ...
  • Universities, malls, exhibitions, etc.
  • Recreation centers, historical sites, protected areas and ...





Soroush is an integrated system, consisting of two main parts:

  • Hardware (including RFID reader and RFID tag)
  • Dedicated software





  • Defining route, checkpoints, shift, authorized guard, etc.
  • Recording different hours of patrol and guard for each route
  • Creating various and timely patrol programs for each guard (daily-weekly-monthly-annual)
  • Automatic recording of inspection time by reading RFID tags and simultaneously saving more than 500,000 hits
  • Sending and receiving information via USB & WIFI
  • Ability to connect with different readers made by TAPCO
  • Sending SMS to the supervisior when guard starts patrolling 
  • Sending SOS to the supervisior
  • Advanced filter on information tables and export reports in Excel
  • Receiving various reports, including general reports or discrepancies separately (forgotten checkpoints - violations in order - delays and haste – patrolling without a plan, etc.)
  • Setting permissible limits to reduce guard errors
  • Tools to save and restore backup file from database
  • Reading different tags in various dimensions and designs 




  • Determining checkpoints
  • Installation of electronic RFID tag at checkpoints
    • Careful selection of checkpoints makes no point out of sight of the guard.
    • Selecting the appropriate shape of the tags according to the installation location makes the installation process easier.
  • Identifing (reading) the electronic tags one by one by the inspector or guard with the help of the reader device, so that the serial of the tags, along with the date and time, are automatically recorded in the device memory.
  • Transmitting the read information to the computer.
  • Creating different reports (If a checkpoint is forgotten, the subject will be reminded to the guard or supervisor).




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